3 Skills That Will Make You A Successful Cyber Law Expert

As technology continues to permeate every walk of our lives, Cyber Crime continues to grow as a threat. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime damage costs around the world are predicted to reach $6 trillion per year by the end of the year 2021. Owing to this, governments and enterprises around the world are constantly on the lookout for talented cyber law experts.

Cyber Law, as a profession is still in its nascent stages. The demand is high and supply is low. Hence, anyone wanting to take up Cyber Law and Cybercrime Investigation as a profession is entering a potential goldmine. Becoming a Cyber Law expert requires multidisciplinary expertise. One has to master the laws surrounding Cyber Crime, be adept at soft skills such as corporate communication, negotiation, etc., and also have in-depth know-how of how technology functions.

Globally, changemakers can understand the challenges of people and bring about a change to address them. Cyber Law experts are expected to effect change for good. If you are planning to become a Cyber Law Expert, there are three skills you should have a firm grip on.

Critical Thinking

A large part of a Cyber Law expert’s job involves data gathering and analysis. In most cybercrimes, the source from where malicious data is generated is destroyed. As a Cyber Law expert and Cybercrime investigator, you should have critical thinking and problem-solving skills to address these challenges.

A Cyber Law expert should be able to use a mix of computer forensics and traditional investigative methods to conclude. Often Cyber Law experts are called upon as witnesses or expert investigators to help a court case. As a Cyber Law and Crime Investigation expert, you should be able to draw upon verbal reasoning and oral clarity to hold your own in such situations.

A good Cyber Law expert draws upon their critical thinking skills to question things from all angles, inspect various perspectives, and think outside the box.

Soft Skills

Cyber Law experts are largely surrounded by people who understand cybercrimes and cyber law, but not necessarily the technicalities associated with it. A good Cyber Law expert should be able to draw upon their soft skills to be able to articulate complex cyber law concepts and communicate them to everyone.

Additionally, Cyber Law experts are also involved in drawing contractual agreements related to data sharing, data privacy, etc. In such situations, a proficient Cyber Law expert should be able to understand the contract’s requirements and draw upon a draft that suits it. Additionally, Cyber Law experts should also be skilled at drawing up software licensing agreements, terms and conditions agreements, vendor agreements, etc.

Technology Awareness

A Cyber Law expert is expected to have functional knowledge of the law as well as technology. But a good cyber expert goes beyond just understanding the technologies associated with cyber forensics. Aside from a working knowledge of concepts such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, etc., Cyber Law experts should keep up with the latest happenings and evolutions in the field of technology. Blockchain is transforming supply chain ecosystems around the world and cyber law experts will play an important part in maintaining their integrity.

In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is now just about computers and mobile phones. Refrigerators, televisions, smart assistant devices … the list of devices connected to the internet and generating or gathering data is endless. The internet makes it possible for criminals to be active from anywhere using a variety of tools to breach a variety of devices. A good Cyber Law expert should be able to stay toe to toe with every advancement.

Cyber Law is still in its initial stages in India. Given the large userbase of internet and mobile phone users in the country, India is going to see the need for cyber law experts and cybercrime investigation experts to rise exponentially. ADYPU’s LLM in Cyber Law and Cybercrime Investigation teaches participants to get behind the crime scene and discover evidence that would be admissible in a Court of Law or examine the evidence produced in a Court of Law and shall have a cutting edge while conducting cross-examination.

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