Post Graduation Program in Engineering

Duration: 9 months


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    About the Program

    Data structures remain the kingpin of all computer algorithms, allowing the programmers to manage data most efficiently. The right data structure selection can enhance all computer algorithms and programs’ efficiency in a much-filtered way.

    With multiplying complexities in computer algorithms, the amount of data usage has also increased, further impacting the applications’ overall performance. Data structures are the foundational blocks of any programming language or complicated computations. Hence, comprehending them is of utmost importance for all data scientists and engineers to succeed in their career.

    Both data structure and algorithm expertise are the true identities of all professional software developers. This explains why the interviews conducted by tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Flipkart are centred around analyzing the candidate’s knowledge of algorithms and data structuring. This skillset duo is necessary to check candidates’ problem-solving ability to a great extent.

    ADYPU’s online postgraduate program for algorithms and data structure is focused on empowering postgraduate and undergraduate engineering students to take up critical software development roles in global corporates. The program’s curriculum includes all data structure concepts, stack, arrays, queues, graphs, trees, algorithm searching, sorting, and beyond. Participants undertaking and completing the course successfully can take up higher-level positions in database management and related administration positions. Also, they can find work opportunities as data engineers, data analysts, data miners, etc.


    • Bachelor’s Degree from recognized college/university
    • Students appearing for final year examinations
    • Students appeared final year examination and awaiting result
    • Graduates, postgraduates and working professionals

    Placement Opportunities

    Knowledge of Data Structures & Algorithms plays an important part in the recruitment process in major companies. Students doing a Post Graduate Program in Engineering – Data Structures & Algorithms with ADYPU Online develop analytical skills and problem-solving capabilities, which helps them come up with out-of-the-box solutions for the organizations they work with. Considering the increasing importance of data and the rapid evolution of technologies, jobs requiring knowledge of DSA are also steadily high.

    The Placement and Training Cell at Ajeenkya D.Y. Patil University is an interface between industry practitioners and the student-body of ADYPU, facilitating both entities to make strategic hiring and career decisions.

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