Post Graduation Program in Engineering
Duration: 11 months



    About the Program

    The global business environment is shifting gears to the cloud and online data storage. This has undoubtedly pushed the demand for cybersecurity experts, who are savvy with all the latest developments in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The scope of cybersecurity is constantly widening in terms of skill sets and job opportunities across industries.

    As exposure to the internet is expanding, the risk of personal and company data being manipulated is multiplying as well. Cybersecurity job opportunities are shining as companies hire experts who can safeguard their business data from all underlying cyber-threats and strengthen the enterprise’s cybersecurity defence mechanism.

    Undertaking a cybersecurity certification allows candidates to take up roles related to cybersecurity planning, implementation, strategizing, and designing the control measures like vulnerability testing, risk analysis, and security assessment. Cybersecurity remains one of the best-paid domains across the IT market as its importance is realized to build and maintain the company’s overall security protocols and policies.

    ADYPU Online’s Program in Cybersecurity is specifically designed to provide an overview of all the related domains and cybersecurity basics. The security and networking concepts explained in this course form the backbone of any security professional’s knowledge. This will allow the professionals to focus on tasks like incident response, penetration testing, and many more while exploring their career opportunities in this industry. There are no prerequisites to this course other than an analytical mind, true interest to learn, and a good understanding of computer functionality. Participants shall also get the opportunity to practically perform most of the relevant exercises in live environments or lab setups.


    • Bachelor’s Degree from recognized college/university
    • Students appearing for final year examinations
    • Students appeared final year examination and awaiting result
    • Graduates, postgraduates and working professionals

    Placement Opportunities

    Cybersecurity jobs are on the rise given the increased penetration of the internet and the risks associated with it. Jobs such as Cybersecurity Analyst, Information Security Manager, Cybersecurity Engineer, Security Architect, Application Security Engineer, Network Security Engineer, etc. are some of the highest [aying jobs in the IT sector.

    The Placement and Training Cell at Ajeenkya D.Y. Patil University is an interface between industry practitioners and the student-body of ADYPU, facilitating both entities to make strategic hiring and career decisions.

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