How an Online Master Level Degree Will Make You Ready For New World Order Jobs

It has only been a few weeks since we entered the second half of what has been a momentous year for humanity already. 2020 will, forever, be stamped as a year that transformed the planet and its people, in more ways than one. All the assumptions, perceptions, traditions and trends have broken down, discarded or transformed, courtesy the happenings of 2020.

Tectonic Shift In World Order

One of the most important of these happenings is the shift in the world order of jobs. The post-2020 world is going to see a whole new array of job roles come to the fore, that no one would have anticipated. With the rapid advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence, the shift of workplace from office to remote, and the advent of digital technology, ‘work’ will be redefined from a set of duties to a set of skills that can and would be upgraded and improved on continuously.

The New World Order

People will create the jobs of the future, not work them. For instance, people will build self-driving cars, not necessarily drive them themselves. People will build robotic arms that perform batch assembly operations, not work in the assembly line themselves. This new world order of jobs requires workers with a whole new set of skills.

The new world order of jobs will not just be based on technical knowledge but also on intangibles such as creative thinking, critical problem solving, emotional intelligence, etc. Courses that cultivate these skills will play an important role in a professional’s life.

The Skill Gap

With the new world order of jobs beginning to take shape, there is a massive skill gap in the industry. Online courses offer flexibility where professionals can pursue working and upskilling simultaneously while being a part of the industry. This gives them a chance to move up the career ladder, explore new opportunities and not get stagnant in the same role and duty.

Organizations and recruiters are looking for talent that can fill the gap between traditional education and industry requirements. An online course such as Advanced Course in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, or a specialized Post Graduate Level program in Artificial Intelligence or Bitcoin Technology, will be of immense benefit to professionals exploring new opportunities.

Yes, You Can

Many professionals are hesitant to take on new challenges and explore leadership opportunities due to a lack of confidence. Online courses offer them an opportunity to upgrade their skills without compromising on their career. This lends them the confidence to take a fresh approach to their career and accept new challenges in their career.

An Online Master Level Post Graduate program is a great way for working professionals to continue their careers while getting better at it at the same time. Similarly, new graduates who are looking to explore new fields such as Automotive Engineering or Cybersecurity, outside of traditional curricula, also get to explore new skills and opportunities.

The New World Order of Jobs demands a very differently skilled-individual. ADYPU Online Post Graduate Programs cultivate self-dependence, confidence and skills that will be decisive in the coming future. We have partnered with upGrad, Ernst & Young and Indian Cyber Institute and HR Remedy to design courses that are relevant, practical and prepare graduates to address the challenges in the industry. To know more, visit us at and explore our courses.

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