Best Online Degrees: Prepare for the Future of the Work

Across the globe, COVID-19 disrupted academic routine and work life, which set into motion a spree of professionals signing up for courses that would equip them with ’21st-century skills’ – skills necessary to navigate one’s way through the future of work and the new world order of jobs.

The advent of technology and the new normals of the post-pandemic world has changed the way education works. Online learning has provided professionals with an innovative experience that is ideal for the fostering of these essential skills.

This scenario is bound to keep evolving as we move into the future. As per a World Economic Forum report, 65% of children entering school today will be employed in jobs that don’t even exist as yet. In a world that keeps changing rapidly, continuous learning and upskilling is the way forward, and online degrees are providing professionals and graduates with the opportunity to do that.

One of the advantages of being an early mover in mastering these 21st-century skills is that unlike traditional degrees, they do not have a pre-defined path or approach. So, learners can take their approach, irrespective of their academic background, to mastering them.

In this blog, we will be discussing the best online degrees that will help you prepare for the future.

1) Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML)

According to the World Economic Forum, 133 million new jobs will be created by AI/ML by 2022. The prediction isn’t entirely misplaced. AI/ML will give us some of the most significant and disruptive innovations of the future. If you look around, AI/ML has already started making a significant impact on our lives – from self-driving cars to auto-pilot systems in airplanes and from virtual voice assistants to predictive recommendations on e-commerce websites.

AI/ML is the study of designing and building smart machines. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) automates processes to save time or make them more efficient, Machine Learning (ML) teaches AI systems to constantly learn and improve their responses based on what they learn.

Professionals coming from a technical (specifically, computer science) background will have a head-start in AI/ML. But, AI/ML can be mastered by anyone with a good grasp of math and an insightful understanding of human behavior. AI/ML programs consist of courses that cover programming languages, cognitive science, algorithms, neural networks, natural language processing, etc.

Students completing an online AI/ML course will be able to find opportunities as Machine Learning Engineers, Automation Specialists, Robotics Specialists, Data, etc. Sign-up for ADYPU Online’s Master Level – Post Graduate Program in AI/ML to master the skill in less than a year. ADYPU Online’s Program in AI/ML is one of the best online degrees for candidates interested in learning the technology.

2) Blockchain

Blockchain-jobs have been hot listings for a few years now. In fact, Blockchain Developer topped LinkedIn’s list of top 5 emerging careers in 2018. Blockchain’s decentralized, secure, and transparent nature holds a solid appeal across various industries.

Blockchain is a chain of digital blocks, which are stored in a public database, and connected to a central and distributed ledger. Blockchain’s adoption across key industries such as manufacturing supply chain and financial transactions has given rise to a host of jobs. There is no denying, though, that there is a serious shortage of Blockchain skills across the industry.

Blockchain jobs span a spectrum of disciplines. Blockchain Designers are in high demand to design websites and apps that act as navigable interfaces between consumers and the blockchain. Blockchain Engineers are also in high demand to build over existing blockchains. Blockchain Engineers must understand an organizations’ needs and applications to be able to build a custom app or website upon the blockchain. Blockchain Testers and Quality Analysts also play an important role in the upkeep of the whole operation.

Blockchain jobs also cover legal expertise as Legal Consultants are an absolute must for organizations. Blockchain comes with its own set of laws and regulations that companies cannot entirely grasp. Lawyers who specialize in tech, play a crucial role in this aspect. Check out our Master Level – Post Graduate program in Blockchain to explore your options.

3) Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Data is everywhere. Data is king. Nearly every major organization now collects, processes, and analyzes information to turn it into actionable data. Data Science or Data Engineering professionals are tasked with making sense of the large volumes of data that these organizations collect.

Data Science finds critical application in every industry. Businesses use data to customize their services. This has also given rise to the field of Business Intelligence & Analysis. Business Analysts design and develop strategies to help businesses make better business decisions based on data analysis.

Professionals interested in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics should have a thorough understanding of business intelligence tools, database management tools, programming technologies, and analytic tools. ADYPU Online’s Master Level – Post Graduate Advanced Program in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics helps you acquire skills to address business forecasting and analysis in the modern world.

The future world order of jobs will be very different and will demand niche skills. It will also require professionals with high interpersonal skills and a willingness to learn and improve on the go. ADYPU Online’s Master Level – Post Graduate Programs are among the best online degrees which will make you ready for the jobs of the future. Click here to explore our programs.

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