10 Tips to Grasp the Most of Your Online Learning

Digital learning is in high demand both in acceptance and practice given the factors of convenience and comprehension. It is emerging as a powerful medium to learn, upskill, reskill as per the evolution and demands of learning in the new age. Especially, during the Covid19 situation, online learning became the only resort for both learners, teachers, instructors, trainers, corporates which eventually led to its association with more techniques, making it more handy for learners.

Counting the benefits of online learning account you to be prepared for a long list including convenience, self-paced learning, affordable fee structure. Adding on to that, online learning also contributes aa a major chunk of new way of learning while enabling learners with the skills of new age that makes them grow in professional and educational journey. Despite some loopholes highlighted by critics, online learning is playing a vital role to keep the learners be self-learners which helps them in self-analysis and improve their outlook towards working on both their strengths and weaknesses.

Now, when a majority of learners are opting for online education, it becomes important to follow some practices to make online learning for effective and result oriented. It is advisable to follow the following online learning tips to make the most of your digital learning.

Here are some online learning tips for success in course that will bring out the best in you:

1. Set Regular Targets: 

Goal setting makes your journey interesting. As it gives more meaning to your learning and keeps you motivated to pursue the course. With millions of thoughts going on in your mind, it becomes poignant to give direction to your daily journey, or else it becomes a mess and you tend to get discouraged. The set targets are required to be realistic and challenging at the same time. These daily targets help you know your progress in the journey and keep you motivated to take the next challenge in place. Learning as primary goal is only possible to achieve if you dedicate small parts of your course some designated timeline. It is required to give some hours to your practices in course like assignment, peers discussion, group projects, individual projects, watching live lectures and research.

2. Designate a suitable study area as your study space! 

The choice of finding a study place is very specific to the person. We cannot generalise it. Given the nature and comfort of learner, he can select any place and set up for himself. It can be a peaceful corner of the room, a coffee shop, a place with nice music or the couch in the living room. It is important to figure out what your comfort is and then subsequently decide a place that best suits your learning style. Cluttered learning space lead to cluttered mind, so it becomes important to have promising surrounding with less distractions for result oriented learning.

3. Time Management: Remain steady and make continuous progress

Flexibility and convenience are two assets of online learning. This advantage lures many learners to opt for this mode of learning and if this very advantage is compromised then it loses its very core of comfort. But there is a dire need to understand that exploitation of this comfort leads to maximum attrition in online mode of learning.It is very important to take the responsibility of your own learning. Since you don’t have anybody monitoring your day to day activities. It becomes important to take charge of time management and follow the deadlines as stated in the course. You may get some reminder calls, mails or sms, but still it is important that you keep a close watch on all deadlines an manages your completion of task accordingly. In case of no deadlines, it becomes of utmost importance that you manage your tasks in segregated time schedule that lead you follow the set timetable and finish your tasks within designated time.

4. Much needed Breaks:

Restrain from making your learning a monotonous process. Take small breaks in between. Have some healthy snack, take a stroll, talk to your friend. These activities will refresh your mind and protect you from mental fatigue. Being glued to your laptop screen may harm your eyes and have health implications. So, take small breaks and refresh your mind for better learning.

5. Restrictive use of Social Media:

 Remember the object that is giving you an open window to learning is equally equipped to distract you with all types of sources of entertainment like online games, social media, OTT platforms for binge watching some web series. While you are engrossed in learning, even a single ping or notification from any of the mentioned networks has the potential to ruin your entire learning plan of the day. It may just start with a few minutes of engagement and lead to hours and hours of time wastage. It is advisable to turn off your notification and have a very stern mind set to follow your routine while learning online. Especially pay maximum attention to online lectures or you will miss out something important in the process of learning.

6.Quick notes for reference:

It is always helpful to take down some concepts, important notes, ideas etc in your notebook for your reference later on. Mark important concepts in the notes that can work like a refresher or quick recall later on. Keep organised notes as per introduction of concepts in different session. Moreover, this practice works as a great help for revision during assessments, discussion, doubt clearing sessions.

While attending to the lectures or watching videos, you may take note of concepts/learnings that can be your handy refresher as and when required. Also, just as you would do in a physical classroom, make sure you have materials in hand to take reliable notes. Keeping a record of your work throughout the course will come in handy during final assessments. One can use tools as well for taking notes.

7. You deserve a pat on the back:

Remaining positive is the key feature that instil the feeling of success. Appreciate your efforts and do award yourself with some incentive that keeps you motivated for your future efforts as well. Acknowledge yourself, only then the rest of the world will follow you.

8. Build strong rapport with your mentors:

Course mentors are learned people who know the industry and subject inside out. It is always great to share a good bond with them. This association bridges so many gap that you might feel difficult to fill otherwise. Furthermore, the bod makes you stronger with the backing of sense of security and bank of knowledge that you see in your mentor. Virtual space leaves you with a feeling of disconnect and here the rapport with your mentors works for you a lot.

9. Be Inquisitive! AskQuestions

It is always better to clear your doubts and ask all the question that that emerge during , introduction, explanation and conclusion of the concept lesson. It is always advisable to jot down your doubts even when they emerge after the session. This very doubt can be a major point of discussion during your peer meets or forum discussions.

10. Virtual Networking is the complementary gift that comes your way!

The virtual learning space offers you with multiple opportunities to interact with people with expertise and knowledge of your field.You are able to come together on the same platform and forma community where you can bring in your fears, doubts, aspirations, goals, prospects and move ahead with tips and support on the common path. You get opportunities to find a peers for your projects. Sometimes, your partners/peers also become your source of motivation to take steady steps in the learning path and work on your projects with a sense of responsibility.

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